Reni Santoni: the Seinfield actor died at 81

He had made the heyday of “Seinfield” comedy with his iconic character “Poppie.” Actor Reni Santoni passed away on Saturday, August 1 at the age of 81. He died of natural causes in Los Angeles. He leaves behind his wife, theater director Lisa James, and their son Nick. .

Born on April 21, 1939, the actor began his theatrical career by performing works such as “The Umbrella” or “The Crazy Show.” It was in 1968 when he stood out in the cinema by playing a soldier in the movie “Anzio” with Robert Mitchum and Peter Falk.

He then went on to play small roles that would ensure a long career in film. He played investigator Gonzales alongside Sylverster Stallone in the movie “Cobra,” in “28 Days on Probation” with Sandra Bullock, who just did a nice gesture for the caretakers.

“Another great actor is gone”

Several weeks have passed since the series “Seinfeld” speaks sadly of her. In fact, Ben Stiller’s father Jerry who played Jason Alexander’s father on the series died on May 11, 2020. And Richard Heard, seen several times on the series as a Guest, died on May 26.

Since the announcement of his death, numerous tributes have multiplied. This is the case of Tracy Newman, one of her friends who commented on the news on her Facebook account. “Those who knew [Reni] I know how funny he was, what a great actor, he improvised, he did amazing performances. Another great actor is gone. I have many wonderful photos with him, I will post them in the next few weeks. My thoughts are with his son, Nick, who has given him so much comfort for the past five years.

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