Rehau becomes a local Corona hotspot

Several people infected in a few days: the Upper Franconian district of Hof has a local corona hotspot with Rehau. In the small town there are now mass tests for residents.

New corona hotspot in Franconia: Rehau wants to contain a corona epidemic with mass tests and closed school classes. In the small town of the Hof district, after more than a month without new infections, 15 people have tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus within days. The first case of Covid 19 was a father, district administrator Oliver Bär (CSU) said on Wednesday. The virus was also detected in two of her children. This is why two school classes in Rehau are also in quarantine.

Authorities tried to clarify

“So far, with the exception of the father’s children, there have been no positive testers at school,” Bär said. In order to prevent further spread, all of the nearly 10,000 residents have been able to get tested for the new virus at a mobile testing station since Wednesday. The smears are brought there three afternoons. In addition, there should be tests in nursing homes.

Authorities are now trying to clarify whether the father was actually the first person infected in Rehau and where he was infected. “We are determining the routes of infection. Final statements cannot be made yet,” Bär said.

With the 15 cases, the district of Hof, which has 95,000 inhabitants, is not yet a corona risk zone. Regions or locations are considered such where the number of new infections exceeds 50 per 100,000 population in 7 days or there is great uncertainty as to the actual spread. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) names these risk areas.

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