Rave party in Lozère: more than 5,000 people “confined” to the place

CORONAVIRUS – According to the Lozère prefecture, between 5,000 and 7,000 revelers were still staying this Monday morning, August 10, on agricultural land in the Cévennes National Park, where they had gathered illegally on Saturday night for a rave party. This despite the maximum collection indicator set by the authorities at 5,000 people to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Since Sunday morning at 8 a.m., the gendarmes had blocked access to prevent other ravers from joining the party. The authorities also distributed masks and hydroalcoholic gel to the ravers.

Vehicles blocked by gendarmes

“Two mobile gendarmerie squads, that is, 120 men, as well as 50 departmental gendarmes take turns at the site to monitor the site and prevent vehicles from leaving due to health problems, linked to the risk of spreading Covid-19, and also to road safety, “the prefecture told AFP. “Many people are in no condition to drive,” he added.

The gendarmes proceeded to verbalize the level of alcohol and the use of narcotics. In addition, the meeting is located on a limestone plateau, the Causse Méjean, crossed by gorges, the prefecture recalled.

According to the peasants, the city council and the gendarmes interviewed by AFP on Sunday morning, between 10,000 and 15,000 people gathered in the night from Saturday to Sunday for this prohibited and illegal event.

“The Lozériens were very serious with the Covid, they respected the barrier gestures and this massive arrival of people who do not respect anything deeply moved them,” the prefect Valérie Hatsch had underlined on Sunday night.

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The very young children are there, the prefect said, referring to the deployment of an advanced medical post and the presence of the Red Cross.

Given the resumption of certain alert indicators, the authorities have increased in recent days calls for vigilance against the coronavirus epidemic that has caused the death of at least 727,288 people worldwide, including 30,324 deaths registered in France until the date. from Friday, August 7.

That day, the deputy director general of the Occitanie Regional Health Agency had warned about the epidemic situation in the region by speaking “Indicators in red”.

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