Prince Philip’s Tragic Childhood

Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, was born in Greece into “Greek and Danish royal families” to express. An anti-monarchist uprising forced his family to flee, which is why Philip left the country when he was a baby. In addition, his father was charged with treason and exiled. According to FashionBaby Philip was smuggled in an orange box.

This forced flight made Philip and the rest of his family nomadic for years. According to city ​​CountryThey found shelter in Paris, but Philip’s mother, Princess Alice (pictured right), was deeply affected by the unrest in Greece. The author of the biography Young Prince PhilipPhilip Eade wrote about this impact on the children, especially Philip, who was the youngest (via city ​​Country): “His mother’s nerves were tense because of the family’s exile from Greece, and so the children were regularly full of friends and relatives.”

It was not long before Princess Alice’s mental health became even more tense, and in 1931 she was “locked up in a sanitarium in Switzerland”. The children who had been taken for that day came home and found their mother away. Princess Alice later became a nun. However, that was not the end of Prince Philip’s loss of family ties.

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