Pierre Palmade, “finally free”, openly talks about his homosexuality

From his beginnings in “La Classe” in 1987 until today, Pierre Palmade has come a long way. Like most of his comrades on the television show of the time, he became a recognized comedian. It is also in “La Classe”, where he meets Michèle Laroque with whom he will make a series of fun individual shows. If on the stage side, everything was successful in Pierre Palmade, on the private side, it is more complicated. Pierre Palmade had problems with drugs and alcohol. Addicted to cocaine, he had to fight to survive with the help of his friend Muriel Robin. Later, he was wrongly accused of rape by a young man. Finally, it was the latter who was convicted. Then the actor, for a time married to Véronique Sanson, had trouble accepting his homosexuality. It was not until this year 2020 that he fully assumes it and even laughs at it with his latest piece “Assume Bordel!”

“I can finally laugh at myself”

In front of the cameras of the M6 ​​newscast, which received him this Thursday, August 6, Pierre Palmade remembers his long journey. “My character who took a long time in his life to assume that he was homosexual. Who was heterosexual in a previous life. I used what happened to me before,” explains the comedian, finally at peace with himself. “Now that things are better, I am finally free, I can finally make fun of myself,” adds the interested person. When leaving the room, the audience is delighted. They all laughed a lot. Something to reassure and satisfy Pierre Palmade, who delivers a large part of himself in this room.

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By Mélanie C.

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