Peru registers 228 daily deaths from coronavirus

Peru recorded a daily record of coronavirus deaths on Sunday, with 228 deaths, increasing the total number of deaths to more than 21,000, amid a vigorous recovery driven by partial population deflation, according to an official balance sheet.

The number of 228 deaths has increased the total number of deaths to 21,072 since the virus entered the country in March, according to an official report by the Ministry of Health.

Confirmed cases of covid-19 increased by 7,012, bringing the total number of infections to 478,024.

Peru, with 33 million inhabitants, is the third country in Latin America in terms of deaths and infections, behind Brazil and Mexico.

The negative record of 228 deaths surpassed the 225 that authorities announced on Friday. On Wednesday, the number was also alarming: 221 deaths.

The high numbers recorded in the first nine days of August, higher than those of a month ago, confirm that the country is experiencing a vigorous resumption of the pandemic five weeks after the end of a long national confinement.

The government does not rule out the tightening up of social isolation measures and the prolongation of the night curfew, and even the resumption of the ban on taking to the streets on Sundays.

The population’s relaxation with the biosafety measures forced the government to suspend the Peruvian soccer tournament hours after restarting without an audience, after university fans filled the National Stadium in Lima.

In turn, the press released images of groups of people on the beaches of the Peruvian capital on Sunday without masks. Its use is mandatory in Peru.

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The death toll is also controversial, as the local press and government critics estimate it to be around 50,000 if deaths from suspicious cases are also considered.

The daily infection record is 8,466 cases, also released on Friday.

A month ago, the daily average of infections was 3,328, while this week it is 7,005, according to official data.

The number of recovered patients is on the rise and on Sunday totaled 324,020, after adding 4,849 healed. This situation does not prevent Peruvian hospitals from becoming saturated with 13,768 patients with coronavirus.

Covid-19 infections started to fall in mid-June, but increased when quarantine was lifted on July 1 in 18 of Peru’s 25 departments, including Lima.

In the face of the outbreak, last Friday some provinces that had been detonated were quarantined again.

The government extended the health emergency until August 31 on Friday, as well as the night curfew and the border closure.

The restaurants reopened in July and national air and land travel resumed, but school classes are suspended for the rest of the year. The Peruvian economy was hit hard by the long quarantine.

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The Ministry of Health announced that the states of Baja California, Chiapas, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Sonora have recorded a “consistent decline”, below three or more weeks

The Ministry of Health announced that the states of Baja California, Chiapas, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Sonora have recorded a “consistent decline”, below three or more weeks


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