Pension advice: beginners receive a social security card

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Many young people start their professional life in a few weeks. When they take their first job, they receive a social security card.

German federal pension insurance draws attention to this point. This shows the pension insurance institution with which you will be insured in the future. In addition, the document contains the first and last name, where applicable the maiden name and an insurance number.

Important to know: the insurance number is assigned only once and remains valid for life. Among other things, it includes the date of birth, from which the subsequent retirement is derived. Personal data is also included as a QR code on the ID.

It makes sense to check personal data carefully. Because only if all the information is correct will the contributions for the subsequent pension be recorded correctly from the start. If the data is incorrect, a correction with appropriate proof should be requested immediately.

The social security card should be treated with as much care as the identity card. Whenever you start employment or when you apply for social security benefits, you need this piece of identification to prove your personal insurance number.

If the social security card is lost, damaged or if personal details change, employees can apply for a new card from their pension fund.

Employees of Deutsche Rentenversicherung can provide further information on the social security card at the information and advice centers and on the freephone number on 0800 1000 4800.

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