Paraguay records five deaths, the largest number of victims in one day | Society | America Edition

The Ministry of Health reported on Thursday the death of five people from coronavirus, the highest number of deaths registered on the same day since the pandemic appeared in the country, of about seven million inhabitants, and where the total rises to 66 of deaths.

Infections also reached 6,735 after recording 315 positives today, out of a total of 1,455 samples, according to the health portfolio report.

The deceased are three men aged 73, 58 and 68 and two women aged 80 and 51, all hospitalized.

Three of the victims were hospitalized in Ciudad del Este, capital of Alto Paraná, the department that accumulates the most cases in the South American country.

In fact, more than half of the infections registered today come from this territory neighboring Brazil and from the nervous center of the border trade.

Last week, the executive decreed that the department should return to the most difficult quarantine phase as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

However, it lifted restrictions on the activity of companies, restricting it to a certain period of time, after the protests in Ciudad del Este, which led to the burning of vehicles and more than 50 detainees.


Health officials have already warned that August may follow the July curve, the month in which 32 deaths were recorded, the deadliest since the first case was detected in March.

To date, those hospitalized for coronavirus number 66, and 23 of them are in intensive care, according to the Ministry.

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The government itself recognizes that the public health system is unable to contain a large-scale spread of the disease.

The government’s strategy has focused since the beginning of the health emergency on social isolation through a phased quarantine.

And stock up on respirators, intensive care beds and other supplies, and allocate about $ 500 million to the Ministry of Health.

However, the first proposals launched by the emergency route were unsuccessful when it was discovered that these materials did not meet the required requirements.

What caused the actions of the Public Ministry, with accusations against those responsible for the offering companies and also criticism of the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, for not having detected these irregularities in time.

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