Pampita told what was the most difficult decision of his career: “I felt really bad”

Pampita talked about his first job (Video: “Pampita Online” – Net TV) (Infobae)

Carolina Pampita Ardohain He is undoubtedly one of the highest paid figures in Argentina. But, contrary to what many may think, its beginning was not easy. Born in General Acha, Pampita He came to Buenos Aires to try his luck when he was very young. And she made her living as a saleswoman at a mall until she finally had a chance to debut as a model.

As she told herself on her Net TV show, Pampita Online, the moment he had to making the decision that changed her life was not easy for her. And is that, in order to be able to do her first advertising campaign, the current driver had to resign from the job that, until then, fed her.

While the photo with which she participated in the first casting was shown on the screen, Pampita said that her first job was in the jeans market: “For that photo I was told: ‘Wear a sweater.’ They didn’t want makeup, so when I arrived, with a tail in my hair, I left. But then they didn’t call me ”.

The model said it took three months before they finally contacted her to let her know that she had been chosen for the brand’s campaign. “But I sold clothes in that place. Then they tell me: ‘Look, you can’t be the salesman, because we are going to take giant size pictures of you for the entire store. So tell us what you think. If you want to keep working, we don’t use them. And if you want, we use it, but you have to resign. You cannot do both. You decide. ‘”

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Pampita has become one of the most sought after models in Argentina

Pampita confessed that at that moment he felt “a kind of vertigo”. “I was used to it. to my fixed salary. I was organized to pay the rent, the expenses … And I said: ‘What if I leave and can’t get a job? ‘It was a moment to decide “.

Needless to say, what decision Carolina made. “I said, ‘I play the set and see what happens.’ I stopped, they posted the photos. Of course, a few months I went to castings and didn’t find it. So, I was starting to spend the economy“The model remembered.

What was your lucky break? “Pancho Dotto saw this photo on a bus that was plotted, asked the company for my number and called me. And when I go to see him, I say to him: ‘Look, I almost spent all my savings, so I’m going to try two or three months. If it doesn’t work, I have to go back to work at the mall ‘, ”said Pampita.

Of course, The manager explained that these questions did not happen overnight and that no one could guarantee that he would get a job so quickly: “That day Gastón, who works with me until today, appeared and said:“ Are you already at the agency? I reply: ‘No, I didn’t sign, I just spoke to Pancho’. ‘Ah, because they want a girl like that, brunette … Do you know how to dance?’ “Yes, I know something.” ‘And that he speaks Portuguese.’ ‘Well, I can talk a little, my mother is Brazilian.’ ‘Well, go to the casting’, he told me ”.

How does the story end? “From that meeting with Pancho, on the first day, I went to the casting. And a few days later, they called me and I had my first job. I went to Mexico, they paid me a lot of money, I took a plane … It was like, ‘Hey, I took a five-star hotel!’ So I started out as a model and didn’t go back to shopping. The destination was marked, but I had difficulty deciding”, Pampita concluded.

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