Observation flights aim to prevent forest fires in Franconia

Due to the high risk of forest fires, helicopters and observation planes will fly over forests across Franconia this weekend. The drought in recent days has caused drought in Lower Franconia, the Würzburg district government said. For this reason, from Friday to Sunday, aerial observers will tour the threatened forests of Lower Franconia with two observation planes.

According to the forest fire risk index of the German Meteorological Service, Lower and Upper Franconia are currently particularly exposed in Bavaria. The government of Upper Franconia ordered observation flights over the forests on Saturday and Sunday. On both days, the so-called “fast helicopter” circled over the forests in the afternoon. The pilot is also a trained air observer.

According to the district government, two volunteer pilots and firefighter aerial observers will also search forests for fire hazards in Middle Franconia on Saturday and Sunday. The plane flies a predetermined route in the afternoon on both days. In addition to the persistent drought, the risk of forest fires is also increasing due to day trippers who mostly spend the afternoon.

The Franconian district governments warn against the management of open fires in the forest. They also point out that smoking is prohibited in the forests from March 1 to October 31. A spark or a discarded cigarette butt could ignite grass, needle litter, and twigs lying on the ground.

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