Norbert Tarayre in mourning: his touching message to a deceased friend on Instagram

Bad days for Norbert Tarayre. The jury for “Best Bakery” on M6 announced very sad news on their Instagram account. One of his close friends, named Anne Berthelot, just died of cancer after five years of fighting.

This Friday, August 7, Jean Imbert’s partner paid tribute to his friend, a pastry chef and mother of a family, with a moving message posted on his Instagram account.

“I’ll be there for your family”

“You left me full of beautiful memories, wonderful moments. You left and now as I promised I will be there for your family. You left telling me ‘No work is good but nothing beats the lives of family and friends’. You left and you leave me this sweet taste of your good cakes “, begins in the caption of a banner in which is written” Magdalena “, nickname he gave to his friend.

“Today was the day we all said thank you, you showed us that living is an opportunity and besides showing it to us with a crab on our body for 5 years without ever crying but on the contrary you have pampered it with love, sweets and many delicacies”, Norbert Tarayre ends his message with great emotion: “My thoughts are with your family, parents and in-laws but also with Loriane, Eva, Maxence and your faithful and fabulous husband Cyril. I’ll tell you this my Cupcake: There are friends, there are family and there are friends who become family “.

By Matilde A.

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