Niger: NGO Acted suspends activities after attack in Kouré

“We are committed to the common good, we save lives, we provide essential goods. We are involved in the most difficult regions and we do it with great altruism and generosity. We have seven people who died, so we are not leaving. People need us, especially the most vulnerable people in these countries. But today we are suspending our activities, first of all to take care of our staff, to better understand things to discuss with the authorities and review all security processes.

Humanitarian workers attacked

“We have gone from inviolable and sacred to collateral damage and now priority victims,” ​​said Frédéric Roussel, co-founder of the NGO Acted.

“It is much easier to attack a humanitarian who feeds a refugee camp and prevents children from starving, with his shirt, his shirt and his car, than to attack a military base,” he added, calling on the international community to further ensure your safety.

While death rates among humanitarian workers are generally stable, “it is clear that NGOs have lost some of their historic immunity,” says Pierre Micheletti, president of Action Against Hunger (ACF).

There are several reasons for this, according to him: “These organizations operate in areas of extreme poverty and can be identified as a market value.”

They can also be targeted because “being primarily from Western countries, they are accused of applying the policies of their home countries or of being new crusaders.” An alleged loss of “neutrality” that has been increasingly criticized for “ten years”.

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