Nicolas Anelka: the name of “mole Knysna” revealed on Netflix?

On June 19, 2010, during the France-Mexico halftime, in the French national team dressing room, Nicolas Anelka got angry at Blues coach Raymond Domenech, coming to insult him copiously. His words had been revealed in the columns of the daily L’Equipe. Nicolas Anelka was later excluded from the team during the 2010 World Cup. In support of the French forward, the rest of the team had decided to attack, some even went to hunt the “mole”. “The problem with the France team is not Anelka, it is the traitor who is among us. How did this come out in the press?” Even Patrice Evra was angry at a press conference. the day of the revelations of L’Equipe.

“I know the culprit”

Ten years later, Patrice Evra confesses that he never had this famous “mole” in his hands. “This mole thing makes me laugh. I never found it in the end (smiles). When I look at that press conference where I say I’m going to find the one who threw it all away, that’s where I see that.” I was too in. It was inhabited, “said the former defender of the Blues to” Figaro. ” If Patrice Evra has never found the identity of the “mole”, that would not be the case of the main interested Nicolas Anelka. In February 2017, Nicolas Anelka confessed to “Onze Mondial” that he would reveal the name of the “Knysna mole” in a movie that he is “making”. “I know the culprit, I will reveal it in my film,” said Barbara Tausia’s husband. And if the premiere of his documentary on Netflix was the right time to confess, ten years after the romance, who is it who reported his comments on Raymond Domenech to the journalists of “L’Equipe”? Respond tomorrow on Netflix for the release of “L’incompris.”

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By Matilde A.

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