Nicolas Anelka: his rare confidences about his marriage to Barbara

A long awaited documentary. This Wednesday, August 5, Netflix subscribers were able to watch “L’incompris”, a documentary that covers the career of Nicolas Anelka. He returns in particular to his retirement, taken with the utmost discretion, in 2015 after two seasons in Mumbai City. “I had the opportunity to continue playing, but to go away from the family again … I reached a point where I said to myself: ‘I’m fine like this.’ Life is good, my family.” it’s there, my children are there, I want to see them grow up, ”says the 41-year-old footballer.

After a career as despised as it is impressive, Nicolas Anelka wants to benefit from his family. And it is with Barbara that he has shared his life for more than 13 years. Married in 2007, the couple had three children: Kaïs was born in 2008, Kahil was born in 2010 and Lina was born in 2013. The small family now lives in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, as Nicolas Anelka had planned before finishing. his career. “Nico has always said: ‘The day I stop playing, I would like to go live in Dubai, because I feel good there, it’s sunny, the people are great,” explains Barbara Anelka. on Netflix.

“It is important to be friends with your wife”

The young woman also returned to meet Nicolas Anelka. “I met him quite young. He was 19 years old, I am older than him, I was 21 years old. We were young. He was in the middle of his football and I was in the middle of my dance.” At the time of the great transfer from Arsenal to Madrid, I didn’t quite understand what was happening. I came to her house to see her, there were many journalists … ”, she recalls.

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Very discreet about his private life, Nicolas Anelka also indulged in some secrets about his partner with Barbara in the Netflix documentary. “Today we have been together for more than ten years. It is important to be an accomplice and be friends with your wife, if you want to live most of your life with her. If you haven’t. This bond of friendship and love is no longer possible. It is the basis of the couple ”, he declared.

By Matilde A.

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