New corona infection in a home for the disabled

The corona virus spread further in a home for the disabled in Bernstadt (district of Görlitz). As the Görlitz district office announced on Saturday, there are three new cases. The number of confirmed infections rose to 41, with 31 residents of the house and a dozen employees unchanged. The health department had already imposed a quarantine on Wednesday.

The district office is urgently looking for volunteer caregivers for this and another hospital facility in the district which has been particularly affected by the coronavirus. “Every helping hand is needed,” she said in the message. Above all, people with training or knowledge of a care, medical or social profession are in demand.

In a workshop for people with disabilities in Löbau, two other new infections were confirmed, with smear assessment still ongoing, as well as identification of contact persons.

As of Friday, 5,624 corona virus infections were detected in Saxony. That’s 36 more than the day before and a relatively large increase. For a long time, the number of new infections recorded was in single digits, but it has again been in double digits in recent days. There were 32 cases in the district of Görlitz alone. The death toll remained unchanged at 224. Statistics are currently not updated on weekends.

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