Nabilla suffers serious complications after her breast operation

Summer is not easy for Nabilla. The young reality TV star never fails to get talked about. A few days after Thomas Vergara, her husband and father of their son Milann, was stung by a scorpion, Nabilla again worries his fans.

A few weeks ago, Nabilla and her small family flew to Los Angeles for the young woman to undergo another breast operation. As she had explained on Snapchat, her breast implants were badly damaged by the surges of milk. Milann’s mother, nearly a year old, had no choice but to sit at her surgeon’s table. “He said it was horrible, because my right prosthesis was almost broken,” said Nabilla, who shares everything with her subscribers through social media.

“I’m losing blood”

After the operation, his doctor advised him a lot of rest and above all: not to carry heavy loads. He even advised her not to use Milann for two months. But the former candidate of the “Angels of Reality TV” did not follow these recommendations. Only a few days after the operation, Nabilla could not resist taking her son in her arms.

“Yesterday I said to myself, I have less pain, I did not resist I put it on all day. And suddenly I don’t know if I don’t have stitches that have farted because I’m suffering and losing some blood, “Nabilla worried on Snapchat. The young woman also explained that she would have to return to her doctor as soon as possible so that he examines her. “I’m going to the doctor today. I just hope you don’t tell me that something went wrong inside and that I need to be operated on again, because otherwise I’m going to blow a cable, “he concluded this Monday, August 10.

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By Matilde A.

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