Nabilla and Thomas: this detail about a cliché that makes Internet users react

From a simple snapshot of a family outing, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have unleashed the anger of several Internet users. Since the birth of her son Milann, Nabilla regularly shares her day with her little one, much to the delight of her fans. Llena, the former reality TV candidate recently celebrated her son’s 9 months, writing on Instagram: “Today my son is 9 months old. He has changed my life completely.” But Nabilla’s important exhibition is also sometimes the target of criticism.

A walk in the sun that makes you react

Vacationing in Los Angeles with her little family, Nabilla is having a great time. On the occasion of a walk in Venice Beach, in Los Angeles, the influencer shared on Instagram this Friday, August 7, a snapshot of this sunrise in the sun where Thomas Vergara holds little Milann in his arms. “Nothing better than these family moments,” he wrote. But a detail has not happened to several Internet users. If Thomas Vergara is protected by a hat, little Milann does not wear it. “The father has a hat but the child will not understand the mistake …”, “You should think about putting a hat on him”, “You can’t put a hat or a cap on him, it seems like it’s very hot lil heart!”, “Oooh no cap p ‘ tit loulou !! Dad has a hat … “,” A Milann baby cap or glasses would not be too much “, they pointed out.

By Marie Merlet

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