Motivation at work: a sense of belonging makes a team more efficient

If team cohesion is good, employees are more motivated, no matter where they work. Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn. (Source package: dpa)

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – If teams don’t work together in one place, managers need to maintain a sense of community. The more he manages to maintain a sense of belonging, the more effective the employees are, explains Marlen Cosmar of the Institute for Work and Health (IAG).

For example, managers must ensure that work orders are clearly defined and recognized as a contribution to the efforts of the team, explains the psychologist in the magazine “topeins” (edition 04/2020) of the DGUV.

With “idea meetings”, managers create a virtual space in which employees can exchange ideas. The topics can be, for example, fears for the future or individual uncertainties, for which constructive solutions must then be found.

Additionally, managers should remember that every employee has different needs. Maybe it’s power, maybe the desire to perform well, maybe belonging. Only if managers know these motivations of their employees can they provide them with targeted advice and support – and thus maintain their own motivation, says Cosmar.

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