More than 20 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins | Society | America Edition

The number of people with confirmed COVID-19 infection worldwide surpassed 20 million on Monday, according to the independent count by Johns Hopkins University (USA), which also has recorded 733,897 deaths to date.

Specifically, confirmed cases are, until 00:00 on Tuesday GMT, 20,001,019.

The country with the most infections is the United States with 5,085,821 (25.4% of the total) followed by Brazil with 3,057,470 (15.2%), India with 2,215,074 (11%), Russia with 890,799 (4 , 4%) and South Africa with 563,598 (2.8%).

The top ten positions are filled by Mexico (480,278), Peru (478,024), Colombia (387,481), Chile (375,044) and Iran (328,844).

Johns Hopkins reported the first 5 million cases in the world on May 21, reaching 10 million on June 28, while 15 million were exceeded on July 22, a trend that confirms the acceleration of the pandemic.

In terms of deaths, 733,897 in total, the United States also leads with 163,370, followed by Brazil with 101,752, Mexico with 52,298, the United Kingdom with 46,611 and India with 44,386.

The top ten positions are completed by Italy (35,209), France (30,327), Spain (28,576), Peru (21,072) and Iran (18,616).

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said on Monday that it is still in the hands of humanity to contain the pandemic COVID-19.

“There is a sign of hope and, for any country, region, city or town, it is not too late to reverse the pandemic,” emphasized Tedros at the fortnightly press conference of the Geneva-based organization.

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