More and more design offices affected by the corona crisis

More and more design offices in Saxony are affected by the corona pandemic with a time lag. The Chamber of Engineers drew attention to this Thursday after assessing an investigation. As a result, 61% of the Free State Chamber of Engineers surveyed said they are currently feeling the negative consequences of the corona pandemic.

“The survey and the general state of mind clearly show that the situation of design offices in Saxony will continue to deteriorate. 36% of those questioned are currently complaining about the cancellation and postponement of orders. In April, this figure was 25% “, declared the President of the Chamber, Hubertus. Milk. In addition, there are increasing delays in approval due to the shortage of public administration staff.

For the next twelve months, 53% of offices expect orders to drop, he said. This is especially true for public procurement. According to Milke, offices make an important contribution to the public interest. This includes measures in the areas of infrastructure, housing construction and structural change: “The public sector should not suspend investments already planned. This would massively inhibit the economic recovery ”.

Instead, Milke recommended using the crisis as an opportunity and dramatically speeding up planning processes through streamlined award and approval procedures. Public sector contracts are expected to continue to be triggered despite the Corona crisis. Financial assistance from federal, state and local governments should also be available for those who will be affected by the effects of the crisis at a later time.

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