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MEXICO CITY, August 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Moneta and his technology partner Buguroo, announced a joint strategy to mitigate the risks associated with identity theft by integrating behavioral biometrics and other security components into users’ online banking sessions .

Ricardo Riveira, Director of Solutions for LATAM at Buguroo, said: “Behavioral biometrics is emerging as the standard for preventing cyber crime. Our strategy is to form a common front, with biometric components to help financial organizations reduce the risk of fraud. “.

Ricardo Riveira explained that behavioral biometrics integrates unique Artificial Intelligence profiles and specific data engines:

  1. Device data with 70 parameters such as: hardware, operating system, browser version, language, etc.
  2. Network anomalies such as: location, provider, bandwidth, among others.
  3. Content mechanism to prevent false information from being injected, manipulating the user to provide information or passwords, etc.
  4. Omnichannel to avoid evasion of security channels.
  5. The behavioral biometric engine that creates biometric profiles for each user based on their behavior, such as: the speed at which they move the mouse or type on the keyboard, how they press the screen, how the phone rotates, etc. All in real time to check if the user is who he claims to be and is not being manipulated.
  6. Threat intelligence engine, which identifies risks in the connection.

Finally, the data is correlated with the central Buguroo mechanism to determine the risk before, during and after the end of the user’s session, and to know the attack vectors and the fraudsters’ modus operandi.

Jacinto González Gasque, Director of Moneta Digital, explained that: “they have solutions to prevent fraud in the origination of a bank account, by crossing the applicant’s information Vs documents such as: INE, Driver’s License, Passport, blacklists, videoconference for acceptance of the contract with proof of the moment and trace of the signature and video recording interview, which with the help of “Nauphilus” measures the vocal biometrics and the micro facial expressions that reveal whether the user is speaking the truth, or if there are fraudulent intentions for behind an account opening request. “The manager is finished.

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