Michelle Obama: former first lady reveals she suffers from depression

For eight years, Michelle Obama has literally been an unwavering support for her husband Barack Obama. For nearly a decade, the Harvard University graduate attorney has honored her status as “First Lady of the United States” by leading various actions and projects to improve the situation in the country. The 56-year-old mother, for example, launched a program in school canteens to combat obesity and also worked to ensure that all children in the country have equitable access to education.

Three years after leaving the White House, Michelle Obama retains a place of importance in the hearts of Americans. After launching a fashionable book, Barack Obama’s wife launched a podcast program broadcast on Spotify. If you generally trust women’s self-confidence, work, or place in society, Michelle Obama has just abandoned her state of mental health.

Michelle Obama admits she suffers from depression

In her latest podcast, the former first lady stated that she suffered from “mild depression” due to confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and racial struggles in her country, as well as the Administration’s “hypocrisy”: “I wake up in middle of the night because something worries me or because I feel a weight, “he explains,” I try to play sports, but there have been periods during this quarantine where I just had no morals. ” Michelle Obama also says that she goes “through these emotional ups and downs everyone feels.” Moments “during which we don’t recognize each other”. “This is not a time when you are blossoming spiritually … I know I’m going through some kind of mild depression,” she says, “not just in my forties, but also because of racial struggles. And to see this administration.

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