Michel Boujenah: why he wants to keep the Ramatuelle festival

For 36 years, the Ramatuelle festival has been held during the first two weeks of August. But this year, with the health crisis, things have changed slightly. Comedian Michel Boujenah, artistic director of the festival since 2007, insisted that the event be maintained despite directives related to covid-19. Released on July 28, the edition is carried out in accordance with the health instructions. Wear a mask and take the temperature for everyone. The audience is particularly small this year, 700 people against 1,200 in previous years. Michel Boujenah confided in the microphone at 19:45 M6 the interest of having maintained the event this year. Already because of the desire to return to the stage after months of abstinence. The father of the family will present the play “Par le bout du nez” where he gives the answer to François Berléand: “He is impatient, a little nervous too. It is very strong for us actors to find the audience and the stage because it continues to be our reason to live “.

“it is an act of resistance”

But besides the love for the stage, he sees it as a real fight. “Holding it is also an act of resistance. It’s a way of saying: ‘We keep laughing, we keep living, we keep crying, we keep playing.’ “Stop, we have to find solutions and we fight.”
Affected by covid-19 at the beginning of the crisis, the actor was scared. In a video interview with i24News, he said: “I am not ashamed to say it, I am infected. I am confined to my room. I do not go out. It is as if I had received blows, it is incredible. […] I have pain, fever … I have everything. The big, big problem is that I’m starving and I’m not hungry. “

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