Météo-France: 66 departments on heat wave alert

WEATHER – This Wednesday, August 12, a clear storm is expected from the west but it will continue to be very hot, according to Météo-France forecasts. This will be the last day of the heat wave episode that began on Thursday, August 6.

15 departments in the north of the country remain alert to a red heat wave. 51 departments from the southwest to the northeast are on orange watch, as you can see in the map below.

The day will start under the clouds on the west facade with thunderstorms in some places. Strong thunderstorms are expected from northern New Aquitaine to Normandy, then spreading to the Belgian border in the afternoon. They will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind and the risk of hail.

In the early afternoon, thunder will grow in number in a southwestern neighborhood. Showers can be maintained. In the northeast, light storms will occur during the day. They will get stronger at night.

In the southeast, the low clouds present in the Gulf of Lion in the morning will dissipate as the hours pass. The weather will remain dry with variable skies from Provence to Rhone-Alps. Rains accompanied by thunder will develop over the Alps and the Massif Central.

The lows will remain quite high with 17-20 degrees overall, down to 20-22 in Hauts-de-France and in the Southwest.

Highs will reach 21-28 degrees in Brittany and along the Atlantic coast, 30-34 degrees from Normandy to the southwest and along the Mediterranean, up to 33-36 degrees from Provence to Hauts-de-France. passing through the northeast.

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