Mauritius oil spill does not threaten Reunion “at this stage”

ENVIRONMENT – The oil spill caused by a bulk carrier off Mauritius does not threaten Reunion, some 200 kilometers away, announced Monday the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, which has deployed means to deal with the sinking.

“The use of the simulation tool ‘Mothy’ allowed modeling the drift hypotheses of oil slicks according to their nature and the environmental conditions of the area”, the ministry said in a statement. “The results show that at this stage, the coast of Reunion is not threatened,” he added.

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces sent more than 20 tons of equipment and a dozen experts by plane and boat from Reunion to try to stop the oil spill.

These resources include 1,300 meters of floating barriers, pumping equipment, and protective equipment.

A very threatened ecological jewel

The Wakashio, owned by a Japanese company but flying the Panamanian flag, was carrying 3,800 tons of heavy oil and 200 tons of diesel when it hit a reef on July 25.

More than 1000 tonnes of fuel has already been spilled into the sea and the ship now threatens to break apart, raising fears of an even more serious ecological disaster in this protected maritime area.

The reef hit by the Wakashio off the southeast coast of Mauritius is an ecological gem known for its internationally classified conservation sites, turquoise waters and protected wetlands.

Mauritius has the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and is a sanctuary for rare and endemic fauna. Its 1.3 million inhabitants depend on its waters for food and the economy.

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