Mathieu Kassovitz: his message of support to the family of Adama Traoré

Starting Wednesday, August 5, 2020, “La Haine” will be released in French cinemas. Twenty-five years after making the cult film, its director Mathieu Kassovitz relied on the columns of the Parisian. If you explain that you don’t have a favorite feature film, “‘La Haine’ is the one I prefer because of its durability.” And for good reason… The mobilizations around the Truth for Adama committee show that its work remains as current as ever. Supporting “the committee 100%”, Mathieu Kassovitz believes that “a film would be made about the story of Assa Traoré, Adama’s sister, her struggle, the state violence around this story, the lack of ethics and respect for the people who suffer… ”.

He states: “That is what has not changed in twenty-five years.” Composed of a Jew, an Arab and a black, a trio of young people (played by Vincent Cassel, Saïd Taghmaoui and Hubert Koundé) erected in a city after a police blunder that plunged one of their friends into a coma. A scenario “a bit implausible at the time,” according to the 53-year-old director. “There were very few traditional Jewish families in the neighborhoods. But I wanted to write a universal tale ”, he explains.

“La Haine” will soon be adapted as a musical

Thus, he wanted to make a film that “is not directed at the people of the periphery, but especially at the bourgeoisie of the 7th arrondissement.” “The point was to tell them that these children are not criminals, they are like yours. They were born in another place, that’s all… ”, he insists. Indignant, he launches: “It is very easy to say that Adama Traoré was a bully who only got what he deserved. But if you know his family, his sister, his history, you will not tolerate him being killed like this. ”

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If he climbed the rungs of Cannes with his film, the actor wanted “La Haine” to spark “political discussions, not for journalists to be interested in the new stars of French cinema. Far from having turned the page with his film, he took up his script to turn it into “a musical scheduled for the end of 2021 at the Zéniths” with “the same characters, but other actors.”


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