Mass movement in Cannes after a “collective madness”

FRANCE – A shooting rumor sparked a crowd movement on the Croisette in Cannes on Monday night, but no “shots” or “detonations” were observed at the scene, AFP learned from corroborating sources.

The question was raised “by the National Police (…). It is a movement of panic ”, the prefecture of the Maritime Alps, which talks about“ Fake news ”, indicated on Twitter.

“No gunshots, no detonations at this time,” police sources said.

“Several minor injuries were treated due to the movement of the crowd,” Alpes Maritimes firefighters told AFP. About a hundred firefighters were on the scene at night.

“There was no bullet in Cannes, nor entrenched madman but a collective madness blow after an individual shouted ‘bullet’,” the mayor of the city David Lisnard also tweeted, reporting on his side of “five wounded.”

“The movement of the crowd was caused by a rumor. (…) The situation is under control. We thank you for not transmitting false information ”, denied the city of Cannes on Twitter, while many videos of people in panic circulated on social networks.

“No shots, all doubts are raised, 5 injured by crowd movement at the moment. 80 firefighters deployed as a precaution on the ground, ”the city’s mayor finally tweeted overnight. “It says a lot about the state of tension in society,” he added.

According to an on-site witness contacted by AFP, the terraces were overturned on the Croisette after a crowd movement started from Barrière le Majestic beach: “People in panic were screaming and some fell to the ground,” explained Jacques Benaroch. , professional photographer.

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