Markus Söder insists on mandatory tests at borders and at stations

The grand coalition is discussing how a second corona wave can be avoided by returnees on vacation. CSU calls for mandatory testing – but there are concerns.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder reiterated his call for mandatory corona tests for people returning from vacations from risk areas. Mandatory tests are needed for those returning to airports, the CSU boss in Munich said. A voluntary quarantine of returnees is not as effective as a test immediately after arrival. The federal government must create the legal framework for this. Bayern are preparing everything so that they can start immediately.

The Federal Ministry of Health is currently examining whether testing at airports could become mandatory. If necessary, the law on protection against infections could be amended to this effect.

“I’m not worried that there is one big Ischgl, but that there are many mini Ischgls,” says Söder, referring to the former Corona hotspot for ski holidaymakers. “Corona is coming back slowly, but with all her might.” Bavaria is currently setting up voluntary test stations at several motorway border crossings to Austria – as well as at the main stations in Munich and Nuremberg.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt also spoke out in favor of mandatory testing. “Especially when you come from risk areas, there should be a compulsory test,” Dobrindt (CSU) said Sunday evening in the “Bild” speech “The right questions”. And: “If it is not legally possible, then you have to create the appropriate law that makes it work.”

Testing possibilities at multiple airports

According to Söder, risk areas outside of Germany should also be reviewed at the regional level. Since the weekend, those returning from vacation abroad can get tested for the corona virus at several airports in Germany, including Munich and Nuremberg. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and his colleagues in the federal states decided on Friday.

Those who do not have a negative result must be in home quarantine for two weeks as before. Even travelers from safe countries can voluntarily be tested within 72 hours – not at the airport, but in a doctor’s office or health facility.

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Kalayci: “Severe invasion of privacy”

In contrast, the president of the conference of health ministers, Dilek Kalayci, spoke in favor of the voluntary nature of the tests. The travelers were “just a suspected case at first,” the Berlin health senator told ZDF morning magazine on Monday. “Carrying out a test is already a major invasion of privacy or physical integrity,” said the SPD politician.

Another point of contention is the issue of cost. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach spoke in favor of free corona tests: “From my point of view, it is a common task of the whole of society, it should be paid for by the taxpayer. , perhaps in part by health insurance companies, ”Lauterbach said Sunday night in the“ Bild ”speech. “But I caution against a little discussion about who pays for this.”

The President of the FDP Christian Lindner, for his part, demanded, the cost of the tests should be borne by the travelers themselves. “Mandatory testing for people at airports shouldn’t be taboo,” Lindner told ZDF. And: “Anyone who voluntarily goes to a risk area as a tourist will have to agree to pay for this test as well.”

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