Markus Söder calls for tougher penalties for corona rule violations

Markus Söder is alarmed by the development of corona numbers. The Bavarian Prime Minister therefore calls for a coherent approach to non-compliance with the rules.

Fearing that the number of corona infections will rise again, Federal Economic Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) are calling for tougher penalties for rule violations. “Anyone who deliberately endangers others should expect this to have serious consequences for them,” Altmaier said in Berlin. “We must not jeopardize the recovery which has only just begun by accepting a further increase in infections.”

Bavarian minister takes on duty from Deutsche Bahn

Söder said in the ARD summer interview on Sunday: “Anyone who refuses compulsory testing or willfully violates measures should expect a fine.” Previously, he had asked in the “Bild” on Sunday that the train must ensure that passengers meet the mask requirement. “Anyone who breaks this rule has to bear the consequences. I am here for higher fines and have asked Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer to speak to the railway.”

However, railroad boss Richard Lutz recently told the Funke media group newspapers that they were relying on insight and communication instead of fines. “Condemnation and the call to responsibility precede punishment”. If that doesn’t work, the federal police will take the stubborn passengers off the train at the next station, but this rarely happens. A rail spokeswoman told dpa on Sunday: “We reserve the right to exclude travelers from transport in individual cases.”

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The number of cases has increased faster since July

Unfortunately, many people have become more reckless about the virus, Söder continued. “This also includes extreme decomplexers and conspiracy theorists who wanted to lift all measures as quickly as possible. Anyone who underestimated the corona virus has been refuted. The second wave is practically already here: “It is slipping through Germany”. It is therefore important to be even more attentive and to react quickly and systematically. “We must expect Corona to come back to us with force.”

Markus Söder: The Bavarian Prime Minister warns against recklessness in the Corona crisis. (Source: Peter Kneffel / dpa)

Since mid-July, the number of coronavirus cases in Germany has increased more rapidly. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on the internet on Saturday morning, health officials reported 955 new corona infections in one day (data as of August 1 at 12:00 a.m.). On Sunday morning, the RKI reported just 240 new infections in a day – however, the numbers are lower on weekends as not all health authorities report their data.

Police lay criminal charges against meeting leaders

Despite the growing number of infections, thousands of people demonstrated in Berlin on Saturday against state measures to contain the pandemic. According to police estimates, up to 17,000 people joined in a protest, and around 20,000 subsequently participated in a rally. Protesters called for an end to all conditions.

As hygiene rules were not observed during the demonstration, the police filed a criminal complaint against the leader of the meeting. He declared the protest over in the afternoon. Because many protesters at the rally that followed did not obey the rules of distance or wear masks, police began disrupting the rally in the early evening.

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The vast majority of the population continues to behave in an extremely responsible manner, praised Altmaier, who spoke ahead of the weekend. “The increased risk we are currently undergoing is mainly due to the reckless and sometimes irresponsible misconduct of a very small number of people,” the minister said. “We need to prevent this more effectively than before and punish effectively in cases that therefore lead to infections and epidemics: this includes fines and penalties if it is a matter of intent or gross negligence . “

Altmaier: “If you drive without a mask, you put others in danger”

In the countries there are different catalogs of fines for violations of the Corona rules, for example if the minimum distance is not respected, no protection of the mouth and nose is worn on local public transport or at ‘parties Corona ”are celebrated.

“I highly recommend that you can only get on buses and trains if you can show a protective mask or buy one when you get on if you forgot yours,” Altmaier said. “Those who travel by bus or train without a mask do not endanger themselves, but others. If a party in a bar in a narrow basement becomes a very widespread event in violation of all the rules of distance and d hygiene is not trivial and should be punished if necessary. “A super-spread event is an event in which a particularly large number of people are infected.

The board of directors of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, initially called for the existing rules to be systematically applied. Local authorities, the state and the federal police have looked away so that the situation does not escalate. “This is creating illegal areas and the spread of the virus is accelerating. It is extremely dangerous for the high-risk group,” Brysch warned.

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Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) called for compulsory masks in school buildings in six federal states shortly before the end of the holidays. This is understandable, “if countries want to dispense with distance rules in schools, because spatial conditions would otherwise only allow limited classroom instruction,” she told “Welt am Sonntag”. “Nonetheless, face-to-face teaching will only work if the additional regulations on hygiene, wearing protective masks and keeping your distance in the schoolyard and in the hallways are strictly observed.”

Several federal states such as Berlin, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have already announced that they will introduce mandatory masks in school buildings in the fight against the corona virus. However, this should not apply in the classroom.

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