Marc Lavoine married: have your children accepted your relationship with Line Papin?

A few days after their secret wedding, Marc Lavoine and Line Papin have a long interview with Paris Match. The opportunity for the 57-year-old singer and the 24-year-old novelist to fulfill their age difference, but also with the relationship between the young woman and Marc Lavoine’s children.

On July 25, Marc Lavoine and Line Papin were married in the greatest secret of Paris. The day after this wedding held in a small committee at the 5th district town hall, the newlyweds trusted Paris Match. In the number of this Thursday, August 6, 2020, the singer and the novelist appear on the cover with a photo taken during their wedding. The opportunity to discover their wedding outfits!

In the magazine columns, the couple talks about the 24-year-old girl’s encounter with her husband’s children. At 57, Marc Lavoine is the happy father of four children: Simon (34), born from his marriage to Denis Pascale and Yasmine (22), Roman (13) and Milo (10) born from their marriage. with Sarah Poniatowski: “They come to live with us from time to time,” Line Papin explained, “They were real encounters, without any preconceived schemes. I never behave like a mother-in-law. I’m happy to meet them.”

The newlyweds are 33 years apart.

Meanwhile, the interpreter of the hit “The Rotving Eyes” talked about his age difference: “Love, when it wakes up in you, is an eternal teenager. Your heart beats twice as fast.” and calms down at the same time. He loses his age. This is also love, throwing time out the window, “says the coach of The Voice. Then, the singer mentioned the example of his parents who had to face criticism and prejudice:” This difference, we did not think about it. But it gives a dimension to our partner. Because he was white and she was Asian, my father and mother had to fight prejudice. We also have something to defend, as in any great love story. ” I often feel like I’m more mature than Marc, “concluded Line Papin with fun.

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