Mama Clotilde Courau: this decision that changed the future of her daughters

By marrying Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy on September 25, 2003, Clotilde Courau became Princess of Savoy, Princess of Venice and Piedmont and obtained the Royal Highness predicate. Her daughters, Vittoria (16, born December 28, 2003) and Luisa (13, born August 16, 2006) are also princesses. Thanks to their father, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert, the two teenagers saw their future upside down. In fact, in 2019 he asked his own father, Prince Victor-Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy, Prince of Naples and head of the royal house of Italy, to modify the rule of succession as head of the family and all other related titles. with this function. The heir to the throne of Italy thus signed a decree that dictated that from now on the absolute primogeniture would prevail. In other words, the eldest of the family (male or female) inherits all titles and the Salic law has been repealed. A breakthrough in the sense that Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie (only son) has two daughters.

The end of the Salic law

Princess Vittoria, 16, thus became her father’s heir apparent. At the death of the latter, she will be, therefore, in charge of the House of Savoy and the Royal House of Italy. A great responsibility for the young princess. “We, Clotilde and I, wanted our eldest daughter to feel free and above all free to laugh at what she thinks. I felt a bit of apprehension in her, I must say that I myself have been unimpressed by the scale that this has acquired in Italy. The night of the announcement, she came to see me and said, ‘Dad, I didn’t expect that at all, what a responsibility! I must study even more, I must be ready, “said Prince Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoy in the pages of Point de Vue. Now Vittoria is Princess of Carignan and Marchioness of Ivrée, while Luisa is Princess of Chieri and Countess of Salemi.

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Clotilde Courau can be found this Monday, August 3 on France 3. In tribute to Gisèle Halimi, who died on July 28, the channel broadcasts the TV movie “Le rap”. The film tracks the T tab Castellano affair named after two Belgian tourists raped by three men. Gisèle Halimi, played on screen by Clotilde Courau, had been one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

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