Mallory (Top Chef) embarks on a daring new challenge!

He had moved to all of France during his time in “Top Chef”. Mallory Gabsi, this 22-year-old young chef eliminated in the semifinals of the M6 ​​show, has more than one trick up his sleeve. During the trompe l’oeil test he had finally won, it had completely broken and left the M6 ​​set crying. Finally, chefs Michel Sarran and Hélène Darroze had managed to put it into practice and finish their dessert.

A menu at 115 euros without drinks.

The setback he suffered during the M6 ​​transmission as he confused the cook time with the fries didn’t stop him from continuing this voice. So with the big loser in the final, Adrien Cachot, they opened a chip shop on a barge in Paris in early July. Success is immediate. “We had hoped to serve 200 place settings for lunch and dinner (…) But from the first day we found ourselves having between 800 and 1300 vacancies per service! This represents 600 kg of potatoes per day!” Mallory explained in an interview with TV Mag magazine. Unfortunately, facing the crowds and given the health rules in place due to the coronavirus, the chip shop had to shut down prematurely.

No matter, the young cook recovered in his homeland, Belgium. He has just announced his new project: gourmet menus based on his Top Chef dishes. The menu will be served at the Nova Rode Park restaurant in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, south of Brussels, from August 11 to 23 and then from September 1 to 13. This is again for the chef an ephemeral experience. The full menu is envious. It consists of an appetizer, a starter, a main course, a dessert and a sweetness. In particular, we find his two characteristic “Top Chef” dishes: prawns in two ways, Granny Smith apple jelly, purebred celery, piqué yuzu and the dessert that made him unscrew the famous unstructured pine cone (praline, Colombian coffee, white chocolate, hazelnuts). To try this menu, you will have to pay 115 euros without including drinks.

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By Mélanie C.

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