Makerbot and Derum Labs come together to boost the Mexican aerospace industry through the “Jaguar 1” mission | Releases | America Edition

August 10, 2020; In recent years, 3D printing has innovated in several sectors of the industry; The advance has been so powerful that it is increasingly present in the aerospace industry, since the solutions offered by additive manufacturing are of great benefit to this industry.

Thanks to MakerBot’s technology and help, Derum Labs developed and manufactured the Jaguar robot. MakerBot joined this cause by making it possible to manufacture the prototype in one of its main printers aimed at the industry: the “Method X”, which facilitated the prototyping of conceptual projects and, through 3D printing, managed to reduce costs and lead times. manufacturing compared to conventional manufacturing. It also supplied ABS materials that have been used for a long time in the industry, which, in future versions of the Jaguar-1, will have to be replaced by industrial composite materials.

So far, the first complete prototype of this robot and four additional pairs of wheels have been developed, investing approximately 80 hours of work in its manufacture. This prototype helped in the validation of concept and functionality, improvements in the conceptual design and tests of mobility and assembly.

Jaguar -1 It is the first commercial mission to the Moon scheduled for 2022 and aims to bring the first brands to our natural satellite, brands that intend to innovate, break paradigms and cross borders. Establish its presence in space with more than 7 billion witnesses, paving the way for the establishment of future businesses in space.

The mission consists of transporting two robotic exploration and reconnaissance units (rovers), a robot created and designed to carry out an analysis and coordinated exploration of the lunar environment that will transport a commercial cargo to the lunar surface.

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In addition to being the first commercial mission, Dereum Labs opens up endless business possibilities for companies that wish to innovate and position themselves before a more diverse audience. Some of the benefits for the brands that support this Mexican aerospace company are:

A brand area on the robot of 500 cm2 each, exclusive HD photo and video, personalized commercial loading, mentoring and advice on construction and branding and access to the launch day.

Carlos Mariscal CEO of Derum Labs commented “The impact of 3D printing on this project was transformative, as it allowed us to provide extraordinary benefits by improving production costs and reducing manufacturing times to ensure that different brands can reach the moon.” In turn, Felipe Rosales General Manager of MakerBot LATAM added “In Mexico, the aerospace industry is a notable sector with growth trends, so we will continue to support this industry and innovate in this fascinating sector with great challenges. It is not just about making prototypes, but about seeing how our technology positively impacts people’s lives. For all of us who dream of being astronauts, this is an incredible way to participate. “

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