Majority of Bavarians believe in running for Chancellor

Will Markus Söder still be a candidate for chancellor? A majority of Bavarians believe that their Prime Minister wants to go to Berlin after all – contrary to his previous statements.

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A majority of the Bavarian population does not believe that Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) would give up a candidate for chancellor to stay in Bavaria. 59% of respondents to the “17:30 SAT.1 Bayern Voter Check” published Tuesday in Munich said they had doubts about Söder’s previous statement that he wanted to stay in Bavaria in the future.

On the other hand, 36% say Söder is serious. The Prime Minister himself had on several occasions ruled out running as the Union’s candidate for chancellor – and repeatedly stressed that his place was in Bavaria and not in Berlin.

Doubts about the Union’s support

According to the study, many people in Bavaria doubt that Markus Söder would have the support of the whole Union in the event of a candidate for chancellor: only a slim majority of 47% say that the sister party CDU would support Söder in such a way. overall in the election campaign, 46% of respondents not convinced of this.

According to the survey, 86% of Bavarians consider Söder to be a good prime minister, 80% are satisfied with the work of the Bavarian government. In addition, the approval of the Bavarian population to deal with the Corona crisis is increasing. According to the study, 48% are happy with the easing – in June it was 44%, in May only 25.

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