Magnum: Jay Hernandez reveals the serious accident that prevented his shirt

“Magnum” is back on TF1 for the summer. The cover features reruns of the reboot of the famous 80s series. Tom Selleck gave way to Jay Hernandez when Higgins is now played by a woman, actress Perdita Weeks. Very involved in the series, Jay Hernandez had revealed to Télé Loisirs in January 2020 that he performed his stunts as much as he could. The series connects impressive action scenes. “I do my own stunts as often as I can and the producers let me do it. But otherwise, I have an incredible understudy, who actually literally saved someone’s life on the show,” the actor said on Télé Loisirs. “When you do really complicated things, with a lot of people, it’s easy for things to go wrong. There are so many stunts in Magnum that things can happen. It’s part of our job and it’s what makes it possible to keep things interesting,” revealed Jay Hernandez.

A cameraman was saved

“But one day, it didn’t really happen to a cameraman, who almost got hurt. Fortunately, it all went well. My understudy pushed the cameraman out of the way of a moving car.” Amazing! My eyeliner saved this cameraman’s life, “said the new Magnum. Another difference from the previous version: Jay Hernandez doesn’t wear a mustache like Tom Selleck did.” The producers decided to do it without the mustache, because it’s something that Tom Selleck brought to the character. They wanted the series to be independent from the original by doing some things differently, “said the comedian, our fellow Télé Loisirs.

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