Maëva Coucke pulls out her old files … and a lot has changed!

In 2018 Maëva Coucke was crowned Miss France. A pride for the young woman. “I am very sad that this year is ending. I would have liked to remain Miss France a bit more, but I am not happy to find a bit of privacy and a more flexible schedule. Miss France is a very intense year.” I’m already a little melancholic, “she declared shortly before having to return the crown. Then there was the Miss Universe episode. Selected to represent France in the face of Vaimalama Chaves’ refusal to participate, Miss France 2018 had had bad luck, falling heavily during the parade. Not a big deal, Maëva Coucke had managed to keep smiling.

Maëva Coucke kept all her Miss scarves

He still has a smile behind his mask this Thursday, August 6. The former Miss decided to answer questions from fans to pass the time during her train ride. The young woman answered frankly to the questions asked. So when asked by an internet user if she had a complex, she replied “of course.” Who doesn’t “I have several, but you have to learn to live with them and accept yourself,” writes Maëva. “To be honest, I never thought I would win Miss France because I was focusing on my complexes.” And finally, she went all the way.

Maëva has a little fetishistic side, in the sense that she keeps absolutely everything. In fact, in one photo, she shows off all of her Misses crowns and scarves … and there are plenty! Miss Boulogne sur Mer 2013, second runner-up Miss Côte d’Opale 2014, Miss Nord-pas-de-Calais 2017 and obviously Miss France.

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But it is especially the last photo published by the young woman that draws attention. This is a photo taken in 2015 where Maëva Coucke looks natural and with her real hair color! “It really is because we are with the family that I agree to release this album,” she says, accompanied by smiling emojis. In fact, a lot has changed since then!

By Mélanie C.

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