Macron in Lebanon: “The time has come for awakening and action”

LEBANON – “Beirut is deeply moved by a people who mourn their dead.” Five days after the dramatic explosion in the port of the capital of Lebanon, it is with these words that Emmanuel Macron, the president of the French Republic, inaugurated this Sunday, August 9, the videoconference that brings together the powers that wish to provide aid to the land of cedars.

In his speech, he explained in particular that it is necessary to “act quickly and efficiently” so that aid reaches “in the most efficient way possible” to the affected population. “It is the future of Lebanon that is at stake,” he added, “the time for awakening and action has come.”

“The explosion destroyed reserves and food security must be urgently guaranteed,” added the French head of state, who recalled that “violence and chaos” must prevail.

Reforms and international union

Emmanuel Macron thus asked the Lebanese authorities to “act so that the country does not sink and respond to the aspirations that the Lebanese people are legitimately expressing right now in the streets of Beirut”, an evocation of the violent anti-government demonstrations that broke out this Saturday .

From Fort Brégançon, the summer residence of French presidents, Emmanuel Macron has thus positioned himself in favor of the Lebanese people. “The Lebanese authorities must now implement the political and economic reforms that the people demand,” he declared, in line with the statements made during his visit to the site.

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About fifteen countries will participate in this conference organized under the auspices of the UN and therefore France, including the United States of Donald Trump. However, “today, those who have an interest in division and chaos, it is the powers that somehow want to harm the Lebanese people,” the French president insisted, however, evoking those absent.

For this reason, the French president insisted on the importance of having a cohesive and united international community. He said he hoped Turkey, absent from the meeting, and Russia would support Lebanon, as well as Israel, which “has expressed its desire to provide assistance,” which is for Lebanon. The hour was still a dead letter.

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