M Pokora papa: her adorable video of her son Isaiah waking up

With Christina Milian, M. Pokora is a happy man. It’s been three years since the couple spun the perfect love affair! Since their meeting, which was love at first sight, M. Pokora and Christina Milian have not let go. “I’m so grateful and so happy that the stars aligned in our favor (plus I really prayed for this, OMG!). I love our family and I’m so happy that we took our opportunity.” ! “Christina Milian also released this Sunday, August 3, 2020 on his Instagram story.

If the American actress has really changed M. Pokora’s life, she also offered him the best gift a man can receive: a boy born in January 2020 and named Isaiah. For Father’s Day, June 21, the 34-year-old singer confided in his joy at being a dad. “What better mission in the life of a man than to be a dad / stepfather? Happy Father’s Day everyone,” he said on his Instagram account.

An adorable alarm clock for M Pokora!

If M Pokora and Christina Milian make a point of honor not to reveal the face of their son, the couple does not stop sharing some adorable moments with the latter. M Pokora also revealed a few days ago a moment of pampering between Christina Milian and her son Isaiah that did not stop melting Internet users.

This Tuesday August 11 is M Pokora whom we see with her son! An adorable video of the baby in a diaper on his famous dad’s bed. While she wished her Instagram subscribers goodnight around 6 a.m. tonight, Isaiah woke up the young father around 9.20 a.m. as indicated in her story. A short night for M. Pokora!

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