M Pokora: his new anti-government speech

M Pokora does not have his tongue in his pocket and has decided to make himself heard. The singer, very present on social networks, likes to share his daily life with his fans. After spending a dream vacation in Corsica with his girlfriend, Christina Milian, M Pokora settled in the south of France. Like many other artists, his professional projects encountered some difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. His tour scheduled for March 2020 has been canceled due to a health crisis. However, other concert dates are planned and seem to hold, which poses a problem for the singer … In addition, Isaiah’s father gave a big protest on Twitter to express his despair regarding the government’s handling of the crisis.

“It is not for us to cancel”

Fans wonder about the upcoming Pokora concerts scheduled for September across France. Helpless over his concern, the French singer shared a long message on Twitter. In particular, he regrets the situation of the artists and all the people who work in the field of events: “Let’s make it clearer for the people who comment but don’t understand anything about our situation, we are 1.3 million people at the events. (Technicians , catering, drivers, hostesses, security, cleaning, show rooms, equipment rental companies, soft drinks, etc.) In addition, in his shared text in the form of a photo, he explained the terrible situation he faces: “By telling us about the measures who know it’s impossible to apply when all tickets have already been sold for months (this famous empty seat), they are protecting themselves. “It would be easier for everyone to ban meetings. It is not our place to cancel. We are struggling with insurance and the government cares for the workers, except that by banning, they must necessarily free up a budget to compensate the event sector and all the men and women mentioned above q That they were supposed to work. What they obviously don’t have the means to do. “A complaint supported by his fans.

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By Solène Sab

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