M. Pokora and Slimane: why they are raising a spiel against the government

Due to the coronavirus health crisis, many artists have been forced to cancel their concerts and postpone their schedules. If some take their problems patiently, others like M. Pokora have a hard time leaving the scene. After getting angry with the government in a series of murderous messages, the one who has been the father of a child since last January rebels again.

This Wednesday, August 5, 2020, the 35-year-old singer effectively expresses his discontent … Because if Christina Milian’s beloved returned to the stage on September 15, a decree of July 27, established by Roselyne Bachelot, new minister of culture, specifies the new measures to be taken to face the epidemic.

As we discovered in the press release, the minister announces that “on September 1, 2020, concentrations of more than 5,000 people will be able to resume”, as well as fairs and exhibitions. On the other hand, in concert halls, theaters or even cinema, “the distance of one seat is maintained between two people or groups of people who come or have booked together.”
Likewise, the use of the mask remains “mandatory to enter and walk in interior spaces, and is still recommended when the viewer is sitting in their place” …

M Pokora and Slimane get upset on social media

Enough to infuriate M. Pokora pissed off whoever shared this decree on his Instagram story by launching: “The good joke” before adding: “Ok we understood that we were the last wheel of the coach … Your seat rule It is impossible to establish a Hollow when all tickets have been sold for months! ” “How do we find out who bought this or that place, who is in a group and who is not ?! Are we going to look for people in the wild?! It’s rubbish … Ban gatherings in this area?” case and stop leaving us in the dark and making new announcements that do not help us at all… Thank you ”.

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Furious, the singer was also careful to mention Emmanuel Macron, the government and the Ministry of Culture to see that he is far from agreeing with these new measures.

Moments later, it was Slimane who also expressed his dismay: “Since this morning I see other artists finally protesting against the voluntary ambiguity of our government with this lunar decree! dangerous, and this virus is, so tell us we’ll have to wait again before going back on stage … “


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