Luke Bryan’s What She Wants Tonight’s Texts Explained

What does Luke Bryan’s song “What She Wants Tonight” mean? Written by Bryan and three employees each Rolling stone, The adult, seductive madness released in October 2019 has a dynamically changing message. “It goes up, the velvet rope comes loose, it snaps your fingers and there’s something to drink,” Bryan sings in the first lines of the song as the beat builds up behind him. When the choir hits, it’s clear who’s in charge here. “She’ll get what she wants and I’ll be what she wants tonight,” Bryan sings.

“I wanted to meet this group of writers for a long time,” Bryan said in a press release “We came up with some really catchy hooks for this song and I think female listeners will like the girl in the song to control the dynamics of the situation. I’ve wanted to rock rock for a while and that’s for sure. “

The accompanying video for “What She Wants Tonight” is even hotter and more surprising. It starts with a rich man and a beautiful woman who get intimate, but it soon starts with handcuffs and ulterior motives Fifty Shades of grey– went wrong. “One of my favorite #LukeBryan songs He’s so damn sexy in this video !!” wrote a YouTube commenter. We can’t wait for the full album!

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