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Lauenau – turn on the tap – not a drop more: a nightmare has come true for the inhabitants of Lauenau in Lower Saxony on weekends under the hottest summer temperatures.

Fire trucks drove to homes on Saturday to supply people with process water for toilets, for example, and they had to buy drinking water from the supermarket. After the drinking water supply collapsed on Saturday, the situation improved a day later. The situation is manageable and “shouldn’t be spectacular,” said Georg Hudalla, independent mayor of the municipality of Rodenberg, to which Lauenau belongs, on Sunday. Overnight, the store filled up a bit – though “not as much as hoped”.

Nonetheless, Hudalla surmised that the aqueduct could “easily” provide potable water only: “The water tank will last the day.” It looks different with other uses. The decisive factor for him: the 4,000 inhabitants of Lauenau had already reacted to the water shortage on Saturday afternoon and consumption had fallen by two thirds.

The community ran out of water after hot, dry days on Saturday afternoon the water tank emptied. The problem: During the corona pandemic, people mostly stayed in their homes instead of going on vacation, so private water consumption rose sharply, the mayor said. Firefighters continue to provide water, for example to flush the toilet, so people can come and get themselves. Tank vehicles should initially no longer be used.

However, the weather will remain warm: the German Weather Service (DWD) has announced a hot week with temperatures over 30 degrees and lots of sunshine. This complicates the offer in places like Lauenau. Because the local water supply comes from three shallow sources in the Deister, a low mountain range, Hudalla explained. The advantage: The water is very clean and without nitrates. The downside: the springs react quickly to the weather, in this case drought.

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