Lockdown has psychological consequences – Second study shows virtually no infection in schools in Saxony

Dresden (dpa) – No acute infection, only isolated antibodies, but psychological consequences of the lockdown – these are the results of another corona study in Saxon schools in May and June.

“The acute infection was zero, none of the 2,599 children and teachers were infected,” Professor Wieland Kiess, director of the Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Clinic and Polyclinic at University Hospital of Leipzig, during the presentation of the results in Dresden. In 0.6 percent of 2338 blood samples (14 samples), antibodies were found as an indication of a surviving corona infection.

The throat and blood samples were taken by pupils and teachers from ten primary schools and nine high schools in Saxony. Children were hardly affected by Corona during the review period, Kiess summarized the study results, which are confirmed by an analysis by his colleagues in Dresden in July. Even after this group’s summary, schools did not prove to be focal points for infections after they reopened in the Corona crisis.

Doctors in Leipzig also questioned 900 children and adolescents about the psychological consequences of closing schools. According to Kiess, a loss of quality of life “and of happiness” has been denounced, especially in poor families with little education. “The lack of a daytime structure so you don’t have to get up for school is considered a loss.” There would also be a massive increase in media use and loss of contact with peers.

Corona also triggers concerns for the family and the future, especially for girls in the case of girls. “More than a fifth of children believe life will never be the same as it was before Covid-19,” Kiess said. “And three-quarters said of their own accord I’d like to go back to school, please.” Conclusion: school closures cause massive damage to “those who have little education anyway”.

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Culture Minister Christian Piwarz (CDU) saw the results of Saxony’s decision to open the school in May confirmed. So far 5,543 people have been infected with Sars-CoV2 in Saxony, the number of cases has only increased slightly for weeks – Piwarz hopes this will remain the case despite the return of holidaymakers. “We are well prepared for the start of the school year, but we are also looking at what is happening around us,” said the minister. He called for respecting the rules, for showing solidarity. “It depends on how we all behave whether the children can be taken care of and educated.”

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