Live like in the Mediterranean: medicines give advice on heat

Mainz (dpa / tmn) – Shut down the sun, seek shade and take a nap: in hot weather it is best to behave like the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, advises Michael Fink, vice-president of the Medical Association State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

“Where the sun is shining, shutters closed. Where there is shade, open shutters, open windows so that air can enter, ”explains the family doctor from Gebhardshain in the Westerwald. It depends on “internal and external cooling”. Up to 38 degrees are expected in Germany this weekend.

Bucket of water to replace swimming pools

Fink recommends that a place to cool off in the pool be rare due to the corona rules, so a bucket of water for your feet or a damp cloth can help stabilize circulation and cool off.

It is also important to drink enough fluids. “Drink two liters per inch twice a day,” says the doctor. Mineral water is the best, as the heat of the sweat means that many minerals are lost.

Drink constantly warm while working

In particular, the elderly, who do not feel thirsty, should be encouraged to drink, warns the medical officer. But if you work in the heat in road construction or do similar work, you can’t drink as much as the sun is shining. “Drink constantly!” Is the recommendation.

Too little fluid can lead to a drop in blood pressure, says Fink. “This in turn can lead to circulatory collapse and even loss of consciousness.” Therefore: “If it blinks in front of your eyes, sit up quickly or lie down better and your legs up.”

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Beware of the scorching sun

The family doctor is particularly aimed at the youngest: going to bed under the blazing sun can be risky. Especially when blood pressure is low, circulation can collapse on standing.

Fink cautioned against sports in the midday bull heat. Movement or running in the early morning, late evening or in the forest and shade is possible – with sufficient water supply.

Many of her patients currently suffer from colds in the car’s air conditioning system, Fink says. It is important to ventilate this, a scarf or cloth in front of the chest could protect against the common cold.

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