Life imprisonment for murder of mother of seven

A 45-year-old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Heilbronn District Court for the murder of his wife. The judge, Roland Kleinschroth, was convinced that the accused, who had seven children with the killed, had acted insidiously by luring the 33-year-old young woman into the cellar to stab her “head-on” with a knife. He stabbed her eleven times.

The motives for the act shortly after Christmas 2019 were “jealousy, bad property and fear of the future”. Despite depression, the man was fully guilty at the time of the crime, according to Monday’s verdict. When the woman did not spend Christmas with the family and called another cell phone number, the man was found to have an extramarital affair. Then he implemented his murder plan.

The man was with the woman for 17 years. The eldest of her seven children is 17 years old. Three of them were in the courtroom when the jury chamber announced the verdict. As a result, the mother suffered from the assault of the man, who became violent under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The woman tried a few months before her death to rebuild herself with another man by her side.

In the verdict, Justice Kleinschroth made it clear that the court had no choice but to deprive the children of the children after they had already lost the mother. As the surveys show, the sons in particular continued to support their father despite the cruel act. Speaking to the accused, the judge said that while in detention, the convict could work to keep the family together and continue to be a father.

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The defense lawyer had pleaded for homicide. The court did not respond to the request for secondary action to determine the specific gravity of the debt.

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