Le Figaro and Le Monde are changing prices: how much do newspapers cost in France?

PRICES – Increases occur for customers of the kiosks. After The world this Friday, the unit sale price of Figaro it rose to 3 euros on Monday, August 10, a 10-cent increase linked to the press distribution crisis and the collapse of the advertising market.

“The combination of our distribution difficulties and the decline in advertising has upset our economic model,” pleaded those responsible for the newspaper, the managing director Marc Feuillée and the editorial director Alexis Brézet, in a message to readers published in the edition of this monday of Figaro.

“To continue our editorial mission and to preserve our resources, we are forced to increase the sale price of your Figaro daily, ”they added.

The double effect of the crisis

Le Figaro It is not the only title that changes prices in the middle of summer. Diary The world launched the movement this Friday increasing its unit sale price by 20 cents, to bring it to 3 euros. An increase justified here again by the double effect of the crisis on the press distribution system and the collapse of the advertising market.

The parisian it is sold for € 1.60, Launching two euros, The cross 2.10 euros, Humanity 2.30 euros and Opinion 2.80 euros. In Brittany, Western france and The telegram I am selling for 1.10 euros. In Marseille, Provence is 1.20 euros, like La Dépêche du Midi in Toulouse. Southwestern, is sold for 1.30 euros.

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Most newspapers have already carried out serial rate hikes in the last two years, in particular to finance a rescue plan for Presstalis, which failed to prevent the bankruptcy of the main newspaper distributor in France. The group was taken over in early July by the newspapers, with the support of some magazine editors, and was renamed France Messagerie.

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