Laury Thilleman: who is Juan Arbeláez, her husband and chef?

Since December 21, 2019, the beautiful Laury Thilleman has been married to the chef Juan Arbeláez. The couple met a few years earlier, in 2015. On Instagram, we often see them playing sports and cooking together. Laury Thilleman’s husband quickly made a name for himself in France. In fact, hardcore Top Chef fans know for sure this Colombian chef who has lived in France since 2007.

He worked with Pierre Gagnaire before opening his own restaurants.

Juan Arbalaez was born and raised in Bogotá, the Colombian capital. At 31, he studied at the French high school before coming to France at 18 to become a cook. He quickly got noticed and joined chef Pierre Gagnaire’s cooks in 2009. Trainee in a three-star hotel, this is enough to ensure a good base. Juan Arbalaez has not stopped there since he then joined the restaurant of the Hotel George-V, still in Paris. It was while working at the Bristol hotel that he signed up for the M6 ​​”Top Chef” program. In this way, he participates in the chain’s flagship culinary program that is still in its infancy. In 2012, it was just the third season of “Top Chef.” But we remember the winner, Jean Imbert, who became the chef friend to the stars. Or Norbert Tarayre and his frankness. Juan Arbalaez was eliminated very early in the competition.

In spite of everything, his notorious passage had opened the doors of television for him since he became a columnist for the “Plateaux-Télé en série” program. Since then, Juan Arbalaez has been alternating between catering (he opened two restaurants) and television programs, including the one that is broadcast this afternoon on TF1: “Impossible kitchen.”

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By Mélanie C.

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