Laurent Ournac: his emotional reaction to the Martigues fire

This Tuesday, August 4, 2020, several fires broke out throughout the Bouches-du-Rhône department, including three in the Martigues sector. As reported by France Info, the fires devastated 1,025 hectares of scrub and pine in the municipalities of Martigues and Sausset-les-Pins. And the Arquet campsite, on the French Riviera, is located in Martigues. Fans of the “Camping Paradis” series know that it is in this camp that the series has been filmed for years. The camp is also open to the public, even when the teams are on site filming the episodes! However, most of the photos are taken in an area reserved for Camping Paradis, separated from tourists and on the small Saulce beach.
If these two filming locations were saved from the flames, the surrounding campsites, “Les Tamaris” and “Lou Cigalon” would be completely devastated.

Laurent Ournac comes out of silence

Moved by the images of the devastated Côte Bleue, Laurent Ournac, who just celebrated his six years of marriage, was quick to express himself on Instagram: “A thought for all the firefighters involved in the terrible fire that devastates Martigues and the French Riviera . A thought for all the inhabitants of this beautiful region, for the tourists, for the seasonal workers already weakened by the period that we are going through. Fortress for all of you! “He wrote. “It is crazy to see such a beautiful region caught in fires every summer. (…) I saw photos. They are terrible. It is very difficult to see this devastated coast so beautiful, I loved spending it there during my running trips.

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