Laurent Ournac criticized for his weight gain: his cash and his funny response

It’s hard to please everyone and being a celebrity doesn’t help at all … Every gesture is often examined with a magnifying glass and Laurent Ournac is no exception … The star actor of “Camping Paradis” underwent a gastrectomy in manga, which allowed him to lose tens of pounds. If his physical transformation had surprised his fans, the actor trusted the columns of Here magazine, on the kiosks on Friday, July 24, that he should continue to monitor his weight daily: “I regained a little weight. But I’m not going to Giving up. What is horrible is guilt, the shame of going back to see the doctors who operated on you. You may be tempted to redo the so-called miracle diets to lose weight quickly before check-ups. Except that we know very well that later we win even more … “.

Victim of criticism

Laurent Ournac continued explaining: “It is a long journey. The first two years, we are very happy, we quickly reached an ideal weight, so we skipped the rules of the protocol a little and we get bigger.” We must be careful not to return to the old reflexes, because the disease is still there and the battle is tough. My nutritionist says that it is like a card game in which the obese have neither the pranksters nor the aces … “In addition, the actor put on a few kilos during his holidays, which one of his subscribers did not stop pointing out later that he shared a photo on his Instagram account …

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to silence their detractors

Faced with these criticisms, Laurent Ournac decided to take the initiative and respond in the best possible way. He posted a video montage on Nicki Minaj’s music video on Instagram to silence his detractors with the caption: “While some debate whether I have gained weight or not, I am free !!! It’s summer … Fuck the rest! ” He used the Reface app, which is all the rage right now.

By Solène Sab

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