Laurent Ournac: attacked for his weight, his fans take his defense

A few years ago, Laurent Ournac became known to the general public with his participation in the TF1 program, “My Incredible Fiancé”. In the latter, he had to play the not necessarily ideal husband to catch a young woman who came looking for love. At that time, the actor fights obesity the best he can. In 2014, Ludivine’s husband decides to take matters into his own hands and therefore undergoes an operation. It has sleeves and gets rid of many kilos in a few months. A transformation that had reacted strongly at that moment. The iconic Camping Paradis actor had then received the support of many Internet users who had praised his bravery on several occasions. But, obviously, this weight loss is not without consequences.

“it’s his life”

On July 27, Laurent Ournac confided in Here that he was still fighting his old demons. “It is a long journey. The first two years, we are super happy, we quickly reached an ideal weight, so we went out of the protocol rules a bit and we gained weight. This is where we must be careful not to go back to our old reflexes, because the disease is still there and the battle is tough. My nutritionist says it’s like a card game in which obese people don’t have jokers or aces … “

Currently on vacation, the comedian posted a photo on his Instagram account on Tuesday, August 4, and his slightly plumper silhouette did not go unnoticed. Then a netizen commented: “What’s wrong with you? After so much effort and operation have you gained weight?” A comment that greatly disgusted his community who was quick to take their defense: “It seems to me that this question is out of place and the answer only concerns him”, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s Hard after the operation and then nobody cares. It’s their life! And although why stigmatize people who have a little too much weight? I really feel much better like now and that does not change their personality at all “we could read in the comment.


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